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773 notes?? Damn I’m flattered

cool, as i liked it i gave it it’s 1000th note! so beautiful!
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If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news

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I’ve finally made it to onederland

Kickass girlie. 
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Meet Brutus, the eight week old Bernese Mountain Dog!
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Gotta remember how far I’ve come.
I don’t look like the girl in the before photo anymore, whenever I don’t feel motivated, I need to come back & see these.
Three years ago Aby would never have been able to give me a piggy back, 3 years ago I would never have been able to wear a size 14/16 & look good.

I don’t understand my gain, I know it’s a mix of high sodium, NO water & too much vodka & eating entire packs of bacon but today’s the day to turn it back around.

I’ve lost 123lbs, I can lose the last 45lbs! I’ve just got to get it in my head that I’m not the 322lb girl anymore!

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Anonymous said: Starvation can make you lose some weight though.


So can chopping of your leg - that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea