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I may have plateaued lately & I may have got a lot of shit for doing so, but one thing I have noticed is that my SIZE 14 CLOTHES FIT ME A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN BEFORE.

I can workout with ease in my size 14 sports leggings, I’m wearing a medium from h&m, so whilst my weight is not going anywhere,…

^ this girl is killing it. Top fitblr.

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"A new study shows that men are threatened by confident women taking pictures of themselves, and call these women stupid, socially inept, and ugly. In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and the patriarchy is still shitty."
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Reblog this if you started worrying about your weight before you were even 16






I think I was about 11 maybe 12. Me and my mum went on a diet together for the first time.

im not even 16 yet and im really self concious about my tummy flab

My mom has…

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773 notes?? Damn I’m flattered

cool, as i liked it i gave it it’s 1000th note! so beautiful!
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If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news

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